New to Microblading? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you have been paying attention to the cosmetic industry, you must have noticed the sudden surge in microblading popularity. From the many appealing pictures on social media platforms to your friends undergoing the procedure, chances are you’re thinking about trying it out for yourself. But what are the ramifications? Will it work for you? What does mircoblading entail?

Before delving into this trending cosmetic procedure, it pays to take a step back and learn all you can about the process. This read aims to educate you more about microblading, more specifically, things to keep in mind.

What is Microblading?

Microblading, also referred to as micro-pigmentation is a fancy name for permanent makeup. It’s a process that involves etching an organic pigment under your skin. It produces a semi-permanent or permanent color that can range from dramatic to subtle.

Unlike tattoos, which are etched with a vibrating needle, this procedure’s scalpels do not vibrate, thus allowing for more steady-handed and detailed work. The cuts mimic the natural hairs, leading to a more realistic look.

Microblading may sound scary, but when performed by the right person, it can completely transform your facial appearance.

Important Things to Know About Micropigmentation

It is a Two-Part Process

Your eyebrow redefining experience involves two procedures, and it is imperative that you follow through with the second stage. The first process involves consulting the microblading specialist, where your new eyebrows are designed. Consider this stage as creative consultation as you get to pick the color, shape and definition of your eyebrows. After this, you undergo the first micro-pigmentation process.

The second stage of this procedure is known as follow-up consultation, done 4-6 weeks after the initial one. As the skin heals and a new layer forms, the pigmentation tends to fade and a touch up going over the penned lines is required. It also allows for color alteration and any other adjustments needed.

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Microblading has Benefits

This cosmetic procedure done in microblading salons in charlotte can create the look of full brows when you have missing or sparse eyebrows. As a matter of fact, some facilities refer to it as 3D eyebrows. Micropigmentation can ideally be a solution for individuals with allergies or cosmetics sensitivities. Ideally, it can be helpful for individuals with dexterity problems in makeup application or low vision. However, most people go for microblading due to the convenience as it allows them to skip regular makeup application and reapplication after activities like swimming.

Microblading Involves Risks

Micropigmentation risks are the same as any other tattooing procedure. During this process, expect minor bleeding and slight swelling or redness in the spot. To protect yourself, it is important to find a competent specialist with proper certification. You can even avail of these services via a board-certified plastic surgeon’s clinic. Inquire about hygiene practices and ensure anyone who touches you washes their hands properly.

The Final Look Can Take Time

As with most cosmetic procedures, micropigmentation calls for time to crust and heal. You won’t see the final appearance until the skin recovers which takes between 4 to 6 weeks. During this time, avoid judging the results and use it to adjust to the new appearance.

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